Become A Honey Bee

Just because you are part of a particular group doesn’t mean that you are better than the people. Just because you read a particular book doesn’t mean that you are better than the people. There is some good with the Ikhwan, and there is some good with the Tabligh, and there is some good with the Salafiyyah; every one of them has a portion of the good, so, try – if you are able – to collect all of the good from these groups. They used to study from a large group of the scholars, so, his Hadith instructor is different from his Tafsir instructor , and his instructor in spiritual nurturing is different from his Arabic language instructor. Take from the Tabligh their manners…and imagine if we were to follow their path in respecting the people, and their manners with the scholars… The Tabligh have very good speech, as they convey what they say and work magic on the hearts with their manners, and cause any envy one might have against them to vanish. Take from the Ikhwan their historical movements and revolutionary ideas, and take from the Salafiyyah their beliefs. Collect within yourself all that is good, become a student, and do not restrict the truth to your own shaykh… Take from this person, and take from that person; respect the people, and give them the credit they are due, and put them in their proper categories…”

[From a khutbah entitled ‘an-Nas Asnaf’ (People Are of Various Types), given on September 26, 1986]

This is important that we become a part of a group to support our one goal, one direction, one dream to enter into Jannah. But that does not mean we keep bad mouthing against others who also have a same goal. We should be trying to unite Ummah instead of dividing. End of the day, we all come from same background, same faith. Have you ever noticed honey bees how they collect honey from different flowers? A believer is like a bee, goes to all the flowers (Islamic groups) and collect honey (good deeds) that will guide to reach ultimate destination. Allah knows the best.

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